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The “Society of International Music Artists” is a Michigan non-profit organization founded in December of 2002 to enrich communities by sharing our passion for classical music.

Our mission is to promote art and culture through education and concerts. Please read our reviews or leave us a review if you have participated in one of our performances.

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Society of International Music Artists, Inc.
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 25 reviews
by Terry Altman on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

The Concerto in F is a stunning achievement in the history, not just of American music, but of music since the dawn of time. It requires masterful and properly trained pianism, but just as much, a sense of timing and musicality. The score is so evocative; from the bustling New York City daytime traffic to the evening in the earliest of the jazz clubs, into the wee small hours of the morning, it is sonically picturesque. To capture these subleties requires an ear and heart for the music equal to the needed technical mastery. Maestro Stephen Vaglica's performance went even beyond my most hoped-for level of achievement. If I had the chance I would go to hear it again, and yet again

by James Zerilli on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

In today’s age of instant information and high technology, live artistry seems an endangered species. Of course, there are two sides to this street, we must have live art to appreciate live art. This is where the society of international musical artists comes in. By providing opportunities for everyone to experience performances of the highest caliber, and pairing that with world classeducational opportunities for aspiring musicians, SOIA supplies an essential gift to sustaining the world of art and music. Bravo for your commitment to keeping love music alive. A true blessing to our culture and civilization.

by Silvia Vaglica on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

The society of International Music Artists is a unique and precious reality which involves some of the best artistic minds in the field of international musicians. The main feature of the organization is the high level of the musical production which the society promotes all over the world, under the incomparable guide of Stephen Vaglica. He is an extraordinary concert pianist and has a special charisma which brings an enthusiastic energy to all the activities he does. On 12th May a stunning concert was organized in the Varner hall where Daniele Petralia , an excellent concert pianist , will do a surprising piano recital. I hope the Society could give more and more importance and growth to classical musicians and new generations.

by Haley on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

Both Stephen Vaglica and Daniele Petralia are outstanding musicians and performing artists. It has been a blessing for me to learn from these wonderful pianists.

by Maria Alicandro on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

I feel privileged to know such a magnificent Pianist an person as Stephen Vaglica. He is and always will be the 'Maestro' for me.

As a former student, I can attest that I have learned more from him than any other. Steve is a dedicated, serious and excellence-driven Maestro. He know his students and how to motivate them. He imparts knowledge of the music: what it means, what the composer was trying to convey, the feelings and sentiments, but also he demonstrates his technical expertise so fluently. Listening to him play the piano during lessons is transcendental because his genuine love and passion for the music is truly felt. One cannot help but be touched by it.

Any piece Maestro Vaglica plays he plays impeccably and brilliantly. His repertoire is as vast as the history of classical music. From the accurately articulated Baroque Bach Concertos, to the passionately played Romantics, Steve's execution of the very technically difficult Chopin Etudes brilliantly illustrates this incredible virtuosity. His wealth of knowledge and voluminous repertoire spans the ages including none other than the great American Jazz Age Gershwin. When Steve plays the Rhapsody in Blue bustling with energy he displays his versatility as a Pianist. His interpretation is authentically manifested as the music embodies the spirit and sentiment of the composer and the times.

As a person, Steve is a true Renaissance man. He is truly enlightened with knowledge on a plethora of subjects. It is always a pleasure to be in his presence.

Looking forward to the concert in Selinunte, I know it will be a mystical experience which my husband and I are awaiting with anticipation - Maestro Vaglica playing Beethoven in the Greek ruins! It will be the apex of my summer.

by James E. Jones on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

The Society of International Music Artists, a non-profit organization, provides a great opportunity to promote classical music in the community. It's artistic director, Stephen Vaglica is an internationally known artist and any chance to hear him in concert is not to be missed. The educational opportunities are also outstanding. Certainly, a highest recommendation on all counts.

by Tobias on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

Maestro's Stephen Vaglica and Daniele Petralia are exceptional and fantastic pianist/musicians. Listening to a live performance is simply wonderful. This organization is doing a very good thing. I can't wait until next concert.

by Alex I on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

Listening to Maestros Stephen Vaglica and Daniele Petralia perform has truly been an experience. The level of skill, talent, and passion that they bring with them to the piano is unlike anything I've ever seen in a musical performance before. I truly enjoy listening to them play the beautiful instrument and can't wait until their next performance.

by M-C Roy on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

I had the privilege of listening and seeing Maestro Stephen Vaglica in action behind his piano. If you haven’t yet, you are missing out. He is a wizard on the keys and will emotionally move you with his music. My daughter has learned tremendously with him. In fact, Maestro’s students are following his foot steps and becoming mini virtuosos. We all need music in our lives, might as well make it magnificent. Thank you for sharing your passion Maestro!

by Pervez Mody on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

Stephan Vaglica is a wonderful pianist and excellent musician.
I am honored to be in contact with him as a colleague and friend.
Besides being a world class musician he is a very nice person and
well educated and profound thinking personality. I am thrilled to see the activities of
this society and wish all the success that it justly deserves.

by Wayne on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

Stephen Vaglica is amazing; one of the best in the world. A great asset here.

by Dan F Waller on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

I have known Stephen Vaglica for approximately 10 years, both personally and professionally. Aside from his obvious talents as a virtuoso piano player, he is as outstanding person as well. I have heard Stephen perform on numerous occasions and have had the privilege of having him perform in the recording studio on one of my compositions. As a classical pianist, no one surpasses his skill level. I can think of no better ambassador of classical music as he fully understands its components and theories. Stephen is a dedicated family man with a beautiful wife and very talented children. In its quest to feature, promote and establish a live platform where musicians worldwide can perform, the Society of International Music Artists is very fortunate to have Maestro Stephen Vaglica as its Artistic Director and Resident Pianist!

by Susan Meisel on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

I like to share my experiences with the "Society of International Music Artists" and the outstanding performers I have been exposed to, including the world class Maestro Stephen Vaglica and Daniele Petralia. I have been benefited with the opportunity to be in the audience as they performed under the stars, in the beautiful City of Mascalucia, Sicily. And most recently for the annual Christmas Gala at Penna's of Sterling Heights. Both experiences of a life time. Looking forward to many, many more.... These are most see performances.... Susan M.

by Rachel Dawn on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

I have had the opportunity to experience several wonderful events with this magnificent society. To be surrounded by such talent has proved to be lvery beneficial in broadening my understanding of music, talent and art. Maestro Vaglica has been nothing short of incredible in performance on stage and at an interpersonal level. I have learned so much from him and his students! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such talent!

by Hadeer Poliss on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

The Annual Gala was an beautiful event to experience, It was full of many talented musicians along with Stephen Vaglica who's performance was outstanding! Having the opportunity to film this beautiful event was an honor for all of us at HP Film & Photography, we look forward to experiencing this beautiful event again this year.

by Paul on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

Maestro Vaglica is a musician’s musician- a master technician at the piano and a passionate artistic soul. This organization thrives under his guidance. And audiences are the beneficiaries of his craft and work.

by Rick Robinson on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

I believe strongly in the mission of SIMA: our youth need constant experiences with the difference fine details make, and Artistic Director Stephen Vaglica is leading the way, making sure students have valuable opportunities to do so. I wish SIMA much growth and success into the future!

by Elena Piccione on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

Excellent organization, committed in giving support to young musicians through scholarships and concert opportunities.
Its Artistic Director, the internationally renowned pianist Stephen Vaglica, is a guarantee of high quality and professionalism.

by Michael K on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

In times like these of critical support dwindling, the Society of International Music Artists is the type world class organization that the performing arts so desperately needs. Having been involved with and also attending a number of concerts organized by SIMA I can personally attest to their every attention to detail and highest level of professionalism. Their promotion of superb talent and leadership in the arts community is a shining example of the best any society has to offer.

by marzia manno on Society of International Music Artists, Inc.

Actually,Stephen. Vaglica is one of the best Pianist and Musician in the world; but, what strucks most, is his very rare generous and sensitive approach towards colleagues and young musicians. His sincere passion for the Music and the Piano are the basis to create a unique reality like the "Society of international Music Artists", which offers the opportunity of great musicians Performances and promotes occasion of growing through international experiences in Music and sharing. A wonderful reality I appreciate all the purposes. The organization is really founded on the noble mission the Society was planned.

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